What use is your new iPhone if it doesn’t have the right apps? Gone are the days when a cell phone would just be used for making calls and sending texts. With the cell phone evolving into a Smartphone, a whole new range of opportunities have risen to add to the utility of the gadget. App developing has become an integral part of Smartphone technology and listed below are some of the absolutely must-have iOS apps that an iPhone user needs to install in their phones right away:

  • Mobikwik

All of us need our phones to make calls but not all of us have the time or sometimes even the energy to go and get a recharge done. Now thanks to apps like Mobikwik, all the user needs to do to recharge is create an account with the app and make online recharges. Furthermore, the user can save some money on these recharges using Mobikwik promo code. The user also has the option of paying their utility bills through the app.

  • WhatsApp

If you don’t have this free messaging app installed in your phone, then you might as well not use your phone. This amazing app allows you to share texts, pictures, videos, locations and much more with your contacts all over the world. It has even incorporated free voice calling for its users through the previous few updates.

  • Evernote

Now this one should not come as a surprise. Yes, iOS comes with its own inbuilt note taking app, but Evernote has far more features which make it essential for every user. The user can also share these notes with others making accessibility one of the key features of this app.

  • Skype

Yes, iPhones have FaceTime, but for those of your contacts who don’t own an iPhone (yet), you need to Skype. The Microsoft app allows the user to place video as well as voice calls over the internet to their contacts free of charge. Wonderful app to keep you connected with your loved ones as well as business associates

  • Around Me

The app detects your location and helps you find out ATMs, hospitals, coffee shops, restaurants etc. around you. It essentially makes use of Google Maps to help locate these places for your convenience which may result in a few misses but overall, a fine app.

  • Dropbox

This app helps you to save your stuff without worrying about losing it. You can drop files you wish to access later into the Dropbox and view them later on your iPhone or computer. The transferring is easy and hassle free.

  • Facebook

We are social animals, so yeah we feel the need to stay in touch with others and need to know where they ate, whom they met etc.! The popular social networking site is a must have on your phone to help you sail through boring meetings, or even boring lectures!

There are many more apps that you may download as per your needs and requirements, but it is a helpful start to have at least the above mentioned apps on your iPhone before you begin your “smart” journey.


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