The Access Database Repair solution for Jet Engine Error


MBD files are essential for the functioning of the entire Access Database structure. This file format helps in storing the information of Access Database. There are numerous errors & damages which threaten the existence of Access Database. The Jet Engine error is amongst the most prominent amongst these. There are numerous reasons because of which this error appears on to the screen. Steps to Recover Access Database have been mentioned in this blog. For performing Access Database Repair a user can try the Repair & Compact Utility of Microsoft. This tool is a solution for Minor Microsoft Errors.


The Repair & Compact Utility of Microsoft can be used if the Access Database is not functioning well or working abnormally and in case of a Jet Engine error appear. The Jet Engine generally appears as


Jet has stopped the process because you and another user attempted to change the same data at the same time.




Records can’t be read, no read permissions on MyDatabase.


How to use the Compact Access Database tool?


Prepare a copy of the damaged database table before using the Compact Access Database tool. Now migrate the structure only file of the database to a new table. Now, simultaneously open both the tables (damaged and newly restructured database table) for viewing them. Now, come to the damaged table, scroll view menu, click datesheet view and copy the records.


Now come to the newly restructured table and paste the records as exactly they are in the damaged database table. Create a replica of the damaged database after properly editing it after new database. Do not forgot to test the database after each copy paste operation. Note down the data which cannot be moved to the new database.


Give a different name to the newly created different than the originally damaged database. Replace the Old database with the newly created database after removing the. IDB files from it.

Some do not’s which needs to be remembered

Do not forget to test the database after every copy & paste operation.


Do not delete the original database.


What the experts suggest?


Using the Access Database Repair tool is not an easy thing to do. It requires a lot of technical competence to use this tool. There is also no guarantee that this tool rectifies the Access Database Repair. For non technical users the technical experts suggest the Kernel for Access Repair Software. It is a unique solution to Recover Access Database. This tool can recover the Access Database from all situations i. e. sudden shut down, virus attack, media corruption, hard disk failure, software malfunction, Jet Engine failure, etc. It tool facilitates MDB recovery in two modes – Standard Mode and Template Mode.


The minor errors are tackled by the Standard Mode and the Template Mode has been made to deal with severe data disasters. This tool works on Access 2010, Access 2007, Access 2003, Access 2000, Access 97, Access 95 databases and supports Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows NT, Windows XP (All Versions), Windows 2000 (All Versions) and Windows 2003 (All Versions).


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