Pros and Cons of Watching TV on your Phone


Television aficionados must be extremely happy that certain apps allow you to stream TV to your smart phone.  Though some media outlets are reporting that society will face a decrease in smart phones, some individuals may beg to differ.  With the revolutionary uses of our technological devices, it’s hard to imagine a world without them.

Pros and Cons of Watching TV on your Phone

The smart phone is still the one item that most people don’t leave the house without.  Smart phones can also be found accompanying individuals from room to room, like an extension of the body.

This works to the advantage of the television enthusiast.  If you’re engrossed in a show but need to leave the TV to do chores or run errands, you can still stay connected via your phone.  Television streaming is a great way to stay connected to the shows and programs you love.  Many streaming options are available, including Directv packages that have the ability to be viewed from an app on your phone or tablet.

Pros of watching television via your mobile device are plenty.  You can watch virtually any show at any time, in any place where you have service connection.  This means that you don’t have to miss your favorite program on your commute home from work, and that you can be in tune to news or other live events anytime, anywhere.

By utilizing services that come with your TV provider, watching it on the go can serve as more bang for your buck.  You can easily enjoy your services wherever you are.

Cons of watching TV on your phone are also prevalent.  Health studies have shown too much TV is bad for your health, so watching it outside of the television set itself can be considered a negative attribute.  Enforce time limits on the amount of television watching you do per day, and include television viewing via mobile phones in that number of minutes.

Watching TV on your phone can sometimes prove as a distraction from reality.  This can be taken in a positive or a negative context.  If you need a break from the noise when taking public transportation, tune in.  The same may not go for sitting around the table at a restaurant with your friends or family.

It’s great to stay up to date on current events, world news, educational programs, and the hottest shows in entertainment, but it’s also great to be aware of how much time you spend tuned into technology.

The best way to get the most out of streaming TV to your phone is to embrace the benefits, and know your limits.  While you shouldn’t allow television watching to take over your life, the same is to be said for all entertainment mediums.

Do you watch TV on your phone?  Studies have shown an increasing amount of Americans streaming shows.  If you are a part of that growing number, be sure to reap the benefits while controlling your use to ensure a well-balanced entertainment lifestyle.


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