iPAD AIR 3 rumores features and release date


While Apple’s upcoming iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 have been dominating the headines of the tech world, new details have just emerged regarding the company’s new iPads. The company is expected to introduce the third generation iPad, the iPad Air 3. Along with the iPad Air 3 Apple will also be launching the iPad mini 4 and the 12.9 inch iPad pro/ Plus.

Now all we have is rumors which give us an idea about how the tablet can be, since we do not have patience and deny to wait for the launch to know about the much awaited tablet. The iPad 2 hit the market and did pretty well adding huge profits to the company giving them hints to come up with a successor. The iPad 2 was released with quite a few upgrades. It supported a faster processor which proved to be 12 times faster than the Apple iPad Air 1 and 180 times faster in graphics! 180 times! That’s right.

Ever since the iOS 9 was announced it was very obvious that Apple will come up with a new version of the Air series to support the new operating software. The new version is the iPad Air 3. It is said that this device will have a processor even faster than the A8 which was already 12 times faster. This device is going to have a super fast A9 processor to support the new iOS 9 which apparently is going to be put more burden on the processor due to the upgraded apps and features.

Every year it is expected by the color loving people that the next iPad will be available in bright colors like the iPhone 5c but get disappointed when the product launches. This year too those people might be left disappointed as the iPad Air 3 will be available in elite colors like the grey and gold.

Looking at the iPad heredity, we can predict that the iPad Air 3 will be slimmer and bigger than the iPad Air 2. But, the iPad Air 2 itself is currently the slimmest tablet. The question is do we need a tablet thinner than 6.1 mm? theiPad Air 2 thickness itself makes us not so sure about the toughness of the tablet, trimming it down even further would make us nevous enough even to use the tab. Well we will know for sure when we see it in the market.


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