How Much Does It Cost To Build an Iphone Application?


Mobile phones were invented to make it easier for people to stay in touch when they were on the move. But in today’s time mobile phones are not just for calling and confirming presence. They are serving a much bigger purpose- by acting smart. Most of the smart phones these days are used as a replacement for personal computers and palm tops and topping the list is your iPhone. From the most famous and popular brand Apple; an iPhone is something that anyone would like to own. Classy look, amazing features, and soft featherlike touch make the iPhone still the number one among smart phones. With such awesome features iPhone makes users go gaga with its super cool applications. Be it listening to music or recording live photo, iPhone applications are over and above anyone’s thinking. Now this really puts you on thinking mode. If every iPhone user is happy with such innovative applications, how much money each iPhone application would fetch for the developer? In other words, how much does it really cost to write and test an iPhone application? Well, if you are wondering about all these things then you will get the answer to all your queries right here. Keep reading:

iPhone Apps - Features
iPhone Apps – Features

Cost versus features

It might sound a bit too straightforward but every iPhone application’s development cost is directly proportional to the number of building blocks it contains in itself. From login module to exit and close application module, each portion development cost should be calculated before estimating the total expenditure incurred. Why? There are different categories of application you could develop from sports to lifestyle to food and living. Each application can require different building blocks like login page, main menu, features tab, database connectivity, integrate with the phone’s existing functions like calendar, alarm, reminder etc. linking to search engines like Google or Bing etc. So, based on the requirement, every feature is priced and the mobile application developer should understand these before planning their course of action and sit down to create their iPhone App. To make things sound simpler, here is a summary of the cost of every individual component based on which the cost for building the whole app can be decided.

Verification iPhone App
Verification iPhone App

Sign in and Verification module

Any iPhone application that user downloads now a-days has a sign in interface. It is the only way to check the authenticity of the user as it may link to a banking portal or a social media account. Among the different ways of login and account verification method, many prefer to subscribe to an email based login or social media account based login. To build such model in iOS along with admin features, developers (from big software giants to freelance developers) charge something around $2000 to $4000. The quotation could easily vary based on several additional factors. It might also depend on the security protection features added to make the module look efficient and prevent fraudulent activities. Quite a whooping amount must say!

Database Connectivity
Database Connectivity

Database connectivity

Whether one is developing an e-marketing solution or an online retail merchandise portal, an online yellow pages type search engine or a blog sphere or a customer relationship management portal, every application requires a database connectivity where data can be organized and stored in the form of tables. In such case developers need to decide the right database and interface it with their application. So for any such third party API integration it is estimated that costing would vary between $50,000 to $10,000 based on the database chosen and type of secured connection established between the application and database. Also when one has to construct a custom user interface for such design where the result fetched from the database has to be displayed in grids or tables, it costs around $9,000. Also when one decides to add a security feature to the database by adding a user administration feature it can still cost a sum of $10,000 more to the basic application building cost.

Mobile Application
Mobile Application

API Server Integration

It is obvious that an iphone application needs to be highly advanced, fast, creative and out-of-the-box as the users who buy their iphone using the Amazon promo codes would only want to get the best for this high-end expensive device. So, being a developer in order to make the application for iphones look more advanced and sophisticated one can add several API to it based on requirement of the user. For example, a mobile food cart application can integrate the Maps feature so that customers can find the directions to the hotel easily. Similarly one can integrate e-cart interface for e-commerce portals so as to easily checkout and pay for the things that they wish to shop online. Such plug-in’s help developers to easily design the whole application easily and pave way for scalability and improvements in future. Each application plug-in for iOS integration costs differently from different vendor and hence app developers can choose accordingly their choice based on cost and efficiency.

Building an iPhone app is like a dream come true for many passionate mobile application developers. But when they think of the cost incurred, some will back off from their proposal or will postpone the project thinking about the huge cost of development. Well, overall it can be easily said that it costs around $40,000 to build a simple iPhone application in general. If you want to get more details on the expected cost of building an iphone application you can visit here. But as told earlier, the cost of an iPhone app development is related to its modules and incorporated features. In short, as one decides to build an iPhone app, all they need to do first is to break it into modules, evaluate the cost factor and then go ahead in their design and development phase. This way, users get a great app and the developers also get their full content of making an effective and usable application for the users.