Got an old mobile phone that you do not need anymore? Here is what you should do with it


An average person who uses mobile phones either replaces or upgrades his/her mobile phone every 18-24 months. This is a global trend. Now, if you were to consider the fact that in most of the places all around the world today, everyone has a mobile phone, the number of discarded mobile phones all of a sudden sky rockets.

You can easily understand that many millions of unwanted phones are being discarded on a yearly basis now. However, not many of us are aware of what is really done with these old mobile phones of ours.

There are right and wrong ways of doing anything and how to deal with unwanted mobile phones is not an exception. We will be sharing with you some facts on this and hope that you will use it in the best possible way.

Cases of improperly discarded mobile phones is much higher

It is a fact that not many of us know exactly how to deal with our old discarded mobile phones. Once we have the latest smart phone in our hands, we tend to simply forget about the old ones. So, it is a common sight to see people stacking up old mobile phones in one of their furniture drawers.

If at all some of us decide to discard these old phones, the best that we do is to throw them in the bin. What we don’t understand is the fact that once an old mobile phone becomes a part of our rubbish without being properly treated, it becomes seriously hazardous for our environment.

Mobile phones contain a lot of parts that are practically made of many types of potentially harmful substances such as dangerous chemicals and hazardous metals that most likely will seep into the surrounding soil and end up contaminating the ground water.

Through this process, it also ends up damaging many small ecosystems on the way and can be a serious threat to not just the health of humans but also other living beings all around us. If you look at it clearly, you would see how disastrous your role is in causing harm to the very environment we all live in unless you choose to properly discard your unwanted electronic items including your mobile phones.

It is time that everyone who owns and uses a mobile phone is made aware of how the proper disposal of mobile phones is a serious and important task. I suggest that you think of selling your old phone for cash if not giving it away to someone who cannot afford it.

That way at least there will be one less mobile phone adding to the contamination and destruction of our environment. Share this message with all your friends and family to encourage them as well to do the right thing.


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